Gourmet Frogs Legs

Experience one of the world’s most renowned delicacies and best kept secrets simply and conveniently with Hoppin Poppers! Our frog legs are an incredibly tasty and lean protein appetizer or snack that everyone will surely to love!

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Expertly Prepared

Our Hoppin Poppers are made from only quality farm-raised frogs. Skillfully prepared, Hoppin Poppers are delivered to you pre-butchered, breaded or naked for your enjoyment!

Delicate & Lean

Hoppin Poppers are a healthy and lean appetizer sure to please the crowd. Our gourmet chefs and culinary experts prepare your Hoppin Poppers ready to fry or bake.

Direct Shipping

Whether you are a Gourmet Shoppe, Wholesaler, Catering Venue/Service or Restaurant, Hoppin Poppers are shipped to you directly and conveniently.

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Hoppin Poppers are Conveniently Prepared and Shipped Direct

Frog legs have long been a culinary treat reserved for high end venues and special occasions.  But did you know it has been estimated that approximately 500 million frogs are eaten each year across the globe, representing nearly 11,000 tons of frog legs?  Led by France and the US, the world has a growing appetite for frog legs and now Hoppin Poppers is simplifying the way you serve and enjoy this delicacy with our line of frozen, pre-prepared frog legs. 

Conveniently shipped to your restaurant, local grocer or catering establishment, our pre-prepared frozen frog legs are easily cooked and can be enjoyed in variety of ways including baked, fried, sautéed, braised or in soups and sauces. A gourmet treat, Hoppin Poppers are also a lean, healthy snack and a great source of protein.  

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